Ownership and the Right to Upload versus the Obligation to Remove

In Hong Kong uploading and downloading copyrighted material without permission by the right owner is illegal



Hong Kong’s Motion Picture Industry Association (MPIA) estimated to have lost 308 million U.S. dollar, because of copyright piracy on YouTube. Read Karen Chu’s Hollywood Reporter article here.  MPIA is referring that the Hamburger Landgericht’s decision in GEMA versus YouTube should be applied again to illegally uploaded Hong Kong movies. Read more about GEMA v. YouTube  in Brigit Clark’s IP Kat analysis here.  MPIA’s case shines a light on the ownership issue.

It all boils down to …
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TGIF: Satire Lashes Out At China’s Olympic Logo

Thank goodness it’s Friday again! Brand owners are not always pleased with the way other people use/abuse their logo in the name of satire. With the following cartoon I am sure the Chinese government and the Chinese Olympics Committee will not be amused. Hat tip to Jeremy Phillips of the renowned IP Kat that links […]