Why The Chinese Educational System Is Not More Conducive To Creativity: Some Hypotheses

China is the country with the most creative people in the world. That is a truism in a country with 1.3 billion people. In the past China showed the world the way to creativity: compass, gunpowder, papermaking and printing, all are Chinese inventions. So why are copyright piracy, counterfeit trademarks and patent infringements that origin […]

Chinese Courts Are Getting More Independent, But Rule Of Law Needed To Enforce IPRs Is Far Away

In my thesis ‘Paper Tiger or Roaring Dragon‘ I come to the conclusion that the lack of effective enforcement of intellectual property rights in China can be partly explained by some extra-judicial factors, such as: – no rule of law (where the rule of law has the supremacy, instead of the government); – lack of […]

From the Trenches of IP Education in China

It is great when practitioners of IP law in China share their knowledge with the next generation. Mr Stan Abrams, working at DLA Piper in Beijing made time for teachting at Central University of Finance and Economics (a co-operation programme between Cai Da, the University of Maryland and the University of Maastricht). Mr Abrams’ students […]