Google Ready To Apologize But Implies There’s No Reason To Apologize

Gilian Wong wrote an article for Canadian Press called “China writers’ group says Google ready to apologize, work out deal on book scanning dispute”. Read more here. Hat tip to Jeff Roberts’ McGill’s CIPP IP ‘News This Week‘. So Google is ready to apologize to China’s writers for scanning the Chinese books (as part of […]

Shanghai’s “Bad Girl” Writer Mian Mian (棉棉) Sues Google

The writer of the banned book Candy, and, Panda Sex (according to China Daily more mature) and Acid Love, sues Google.Shanghai’s “Best Bad Girl” Author Mian Mian (棉棉), finds support from the China Written Works Copyright Society. Chen Jia en Xie Yu of China Daily report: “Mian said Google scanned her entire novel, titled Acid […]

China Written Works Copyright Society Objects Google Settlement

The China Written Works Copyright Society, representing 570 Chinese authors, objects to be included in the Google Class Action Settlement, between Google and US authors and publishers. They claim that the copyright of the Chinese authors is infringed. Read Elaine Kurtenbach’s article with Bonnie Cao and Ji Chen, for Associated Press here.