Obama Endorses Fake Blackberry? Yea, right…

Jason Dean and Ellen Zhu of China Journal of the WSJ, have a nice post about a rip-off version of Blackberry called Blockberry which pretends in an advertisement to be endorsed by the president of the USA. Read here. I ask myself why did they not call the apparatus Obamaberry in the first place? Thank […]

Must Read Monday: “Shan Zhai Ji” in Google.cn Most Searched List

Sky Canaves and Juliet Ye of the Wall Street Journal’s China Journal Blog dealt with the top ten lists of Google.cn 2008. Although most Chinese use Baidu, and Google is used by some of the higher educated Chinese, the most searched terms can give an indication of what is hot and what is not in […]

Hu Jintao And The Three Supremes Or Do You Rather Listen To Diana Ross?

Intellectual Property Law in China, of course, is not an insulated part of Chinese Law. A fortiori, it is an integral part of it. So those who are interested in IPR in China, could take notice to China’s legal reforms of the last thirty years. Ms Sky Canaves, lead writer for the WSJ’s China Journal, […]

Wall Street Journal Blog Quotes IP Dragon in “Best of the China Blogs”

Ms Sky Canaves is the lead writer of ‘China Journal‘, a great blog about “How China is changing – and changing the world” for the Wall Street Journal. She also runs the ‘Best of the China Blogs’, a daily look at what she and her colleagues are reading. Today IP Dragon was happy and honoured […]