Reaction To Danwei’s Question About Republishing In China

Danwei’s Jeremy Goldkorn has an interesting article about whether it is legal to copy and paste entire news articles, read here. China’s copyright law should be in lign with the Berne Convention of which China is a signatory since July 10, 1992 (entry in force October 15, 1992). Article 10bis (2) Berne ConventionIt shall also […]

China Enterprise Copyright Alliance Launched

December 11, six Chinese companies: Shanda Entertainment, Netease, Sina, Microsoft China, Kingsoft and Sunchime Cartoon Group have established the China Enterprise Copyright Alliance. The plan was announced in September during the 2006 International Copyright Forum in Beijing, which was jointly hosted by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the National Copyright Administration (NCA). The […]