Copyright Piracy of Communist Books is Not Patriotic

Photo Danny Friedmann“A book is like a garden that you can put into your pocket” IP Dragon Weekend Edition As the Chinese proverb goes “a book is like a garden that you can put in your pocket.” However, you cannot multiply books just as plants (well not in the case of genetically modified plants), even […]

After 44 Years Chinese Lovers of Literature Can Legally Buy “One Hundred Years Of Solitude”

Photo Festival Internacional de Cine en Guadalajara  Some rights reserved TGIF Zhang Lei wrote a nice article for the Global Times about Thinkingdomhouse, a publisher who achieved to get a copyright license for China from Nobel Prize for Literature laureate Gabriel García Márquez to publish his masterpiece ‘One hundred years of solitude’ (Cien años de soledad). […]

China’s Supreme People’s Court Will Tell You How Safe Safe Harbours Are

Photo RnechesMain entrance Supreme People’s Court Beijing The writers versus Baidu case triggered the Supreme People’s Court to draft a judicial interpretation of online copyright, and can be expected this year. A refinement of the Regulation on Protection to Network Dissemination of Information, is welcomed. Hopefully the Supreme People’s Court will succeed in making the principles […]

How bright is Bright Sword?

Is the Force with mass campaigns? Are mass campaigns of intellectual property enforcement mere temporary patchwork, leaving untouched the underlaying problems? Most mass campaigns are still announced with starting date and expiration date. The only thing trademark counterfeiters and copyright pirates need to do is book a holiday and start after the campaign is over, […]

Japanese Companies Can Register Chinese Copyights in Japan: save 50 percent time

Copyright is an automatic right, which arises when it is created. (because of the ‘no formalities provision’ of the article 5 (2) Berne Convention). However you can register your copyright with China’s National Copyright Administration, which can be helpful to establish prima face evidence, for example ownership. If companies outside China opted for registering their […]