Countries That Spend Most On R&D: Where Is China?

The Economist came October 1, 2011, with the 2009 statistics on countries that spent most on Research & Development as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product (broken down by investments of businesses, educational institutions or government), and the statistics of the average patents filed per million people between 2007 and 2009. China is not in […]

Research on Equipment Manufacturing Industry China: IPR Significant Impact on Transition From Imitative To Independent Innovation

The Journal of Technology Management in China (Vol. 6 No. 3, 2011, p 257-266) has an interesting article  A study of the evolutionary path of technological innovation modes in the equipment manufacturingindustry of China written by Yuan Yi-jun and Lv Cui-jie (Department of Economics, Dalian University of Technology). Yuan and Lv use evolutionary game theory to research what hinders the transition […]

Netac President Complains About Unequal Treatment Overseas Patents

Netac Technology, the first Chinese company that sued a U.S. company (Texas PNY Technologies)  for patent infringement in 2006, and which settled out of court, expects that it has protected its IPR in all important markets by 2015. Cheng Xiao-hua, president of Netac Technology alleges that it often takes a Chinese firm much longer to obtain […]

Looking into the Back Mirror: “If I Were For Real”

If I were for real, is a 1981 Taiwanese movie (including Hong Kong teams) that was censored in Hong Kong when it was still a British crown colony, because it was deemed too critical about the privileged life of the happy few of party officials. Li Hsiao-chang (played by Alan Tam) tries to face the […]

Innovative Enforcement of Trademark and Copyright Infringement by LVMH

What to do when the trademarks and copyrights of your luxury products are infringed by Chinese companies that sell these products online to, for example, U.S. consumers. You can go after the source: using Chinese customs, the administrative, criminal or litigation routes. Another innovative way is to go also after the U.S. company that leases […]

Canton Fair Tries To Become More Fair In IPR Protection, Problems Remain

By Michiel Tjoe-Awie Canton Fair is the biggest show on earth. It shows more kinds of products then one can think off and is also known as “The” China Import and Export Fair. But for many manufacturers the fair comes with a dilemma. “Yes”, they want to sell their products to the world. But in […]

Sino-U.S. Investment Vehicle To Bring U.S. Medicines Into Chinese Pharmaceutical Market

In the U.S. the pharmaceutical industry has proprietary technology, but China has enough financial resources and a huge domestic market. Therefore an opportunity presents itself for those who can bridge these two markets. Michelle Jarboe McFee has an interesting article about a partnership between Newsummit Pharmaceutical Group, a biomedical company in Shanghai and Cleveland Bio […]

Corrupting Our Youth One Sing Contest At A Time, and Time-Travelling Still Possible

Super girl, o boy o boy! In the year 399 BC, Socrates was sentenced to death by drinking a cup of Hemlock, because he corrupted the youth. In hind sight we hold his contribution to educate the population in high esteem. How will our progeny judge a TV programme such as Super Girl? At least […]

Chinese Trademarks Visible, But Have By Far Not Met Their Potential

In absolute numbers China might be in almost all aspects a giant. But in relative sense this does not need to be the case. Example: China has 5 million registered trademarks. But only one out of 10 market entities owns a registered trademark and the number is 40 percent for companies, Yuan Qi, an official […]

How To Cure The Distribution Channel of Pharmaceuticals Which Includes Counterfeit Products

Business Research Yearbook, (chief editor Margaret Goralski) 2011 is out. The subtitle is “Balancing Profitability and Sustainability: Shaping the Future of Business”. It includes “Problems of Counterfeit International Pharmaceutical Products” by Branko Cavarkapa (Eastern Connecticut State University) and Michael G. Harvey (University of Mississippi & Bond University Australia). I don’t understand really why it is located in Chapter 7 […]

What R&D Is Being Done And Where In China: An Inventorisation Of Science Parks

Richard Jun Lin, Xavier Xie (analysers), Zhuo Zhang, Jerold Wang and Chris Hartshorn (data contributors) have worked on a project to inventorise China’s 1,531 provincial and national-level industry parks: ‘Seeing the Forest and the Trees: Navigating China’s Industry Park Innovation Engine’. It “reveals the need for a specific focus on 87 university science parks and […]

Chinese Brands in U.K. and U.S.

According to, the first half year of 2011, the volume of Sino-British bilateral trade grew to $25.5 billion, an increase of 16 percent year-on-year. China’s brands active in Britain are part of this success. CRI’s Zhang Ru wrote: “China’s Ministry of Commerce chose 190 leading enterprises from various parts of the country to attend […]

SONY or SONT confusion in Shenzhen

SONT or SONY likelihood of confusionPhoto: Danny friedmann Shenzhen SongTian Technology Development Co., a company manufacturing tantalum capacitators (used in electronic accessories) changed their logo they came up with SONT. See their old and new logo here. Likelihood of confusion with the brand of a huge Japanese electronics company? Will the average consumer mistake the […]

Patent Law: What is the best mode for the best mode disclosure requirement?

Bingbin Lu has an interesting short paper (9 pages only) on the best mode disclosure for patent applications. The author is answering two questions: whether a developing country should implement the best mode disclosure requirement and if so, how to best implement it? Although the best mode disclosure requirement is optional for WTO member states […]

Does Changsha Windows of the World Infringe Angry Birds’ IPRs

The online game Angry Bird is a hit but as China Hearsay’s Stan Abram notices not only online. He is asking whether the software developer of Angry Birds, Rovio, should not become well, angry when its IPRs are being infringed in China (most probably also at the Windows of the World Park in Changsha, Hunan […]

Sword Is Going After The Counterfeit Source

“The Way of the Sword is from the beginning difficult to learn. Like a Dragon or Rainbow it is subtle and mysterious. Should it be used like a hacking Sabre,  the immortal Zhang Sanfeng die of laughter.“ Photo: Danny Friedmann Remember the campaign that started in November 2010 and will end until the end of […]

Complaining about Taobao’s IPR Complaint System and a MOU

When the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) testified for the USCC Hearing on “China’s Intellectual Property Rights and Indigenous Innovation Policy,” April 25, 2011, it focused on the software and recorded music industry. However, they also wrote a letter about the overall IP record in China, see here. “Sites such as,,,,, […]

Does Drinking GI Protected Oolong Tea Help The Local Farmers?

What are the economic effects of Geographical Indications (GIs) on developing country producers? Deepthi Elizabeth Kolady (Research collaborator with International Food Policy Research Institute; visiting fellow at Cornell University), William Henri Lesser (Professor at the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University) and Chunhui Ye (Associate Researcher at the China Academy for Rural Development, School […]

Landmark in IP (Part I Cases)

Exceptional cases might not be exemplary casesthen again:  the extraordinary can shine a light on the ordinary Messrs Anselm Kamperman Sanders and Christopher Heath, decade long organisers of and contributors to the leading intellectual property (IP) seminar in Macau, have now written a chapter and edited nine other authors of Landmark Intellectual Property Cases And Their Legacy, in which some […]

Beijing News Victorious Over iPad app Developer Minesage, But What About The Limitations on Rights?

Beijing Haidian District People’s Court ruled that software developer Minesage, who offered an iPad application to read newspapers, must stop these activities and pay 100,000 Renminbi (around 10,000 Euro).Hao Nan of the China Daily reports here that the Beijing News sued Minesage Co. Ltd, because it used without authorisation the content and layout of the […]

Lessons From WikiLeaks About Apple’s Intellectual Property Enforcement in China

Mark Milan of CNN has read the Wikileaks cable from the U.S. Beijing embassy on Apple, read here, see original text here. WikiLeaks cored Apple in China The Wikileaks suggest that Apple, in regard to the enforcement of intellectual property in China dealt with the following challenges: It seems that Apple realised there was a […]

Taiwan Shining Intellectual Property Blueprint For China Or Wishful Thinking?

What works for Taiwan, does (not)necessarily works for China,and vice versa. During the press conference for the “Piracy Out, Competitiveness Up” campaign in Taipei (Taiwan) the chief secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Hung Shu-min said that Taiwan could be a model worth modelling for China in regard to bringing down business software piracy levels. […]

Guest Column: Eddie Tao’s Reflections on Working for Apple, Steve Jobs, Inspiration, Innovation and Intellectual Property

Eddie Tao: “Co-design is not how Apple likes to work.” Dear readers of IP Dragon, IP Dragon (aka Danny), a long time friend of mine asked me to consider writing some notes about the latest news about Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs. Danny and I met at Chinese school in Amsterdam, NL. While Danny worked his way […]

Free Seminar Shanghai: Intellectual Property in China That Protects Clean Technologies

The British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai announces an afternoon seminar Clean air, clean technology and clean IPR also needed in Shenzhenthis afternoonPhoto: Danny Friedmann ‘Protecting Clean Technologies: Intellectual Property in China’ organised by China IPR SME Helpdesk. Peter Corne, chair of the Energy Working Group of the European Chamber in Shanghai and partner of law firm Dorsey & Whitney […]

China’s Exports Moved Up the Value Ladder, EIU Report Underlines Dragons at the Door Thesis

Exports no longer only from coastal provincesPhoto:  Danny Friedmann ‘Heavy duty, China’s next wave of exports‘, is a insightful concise report (17 pages) from the Economist Intelligence Unit. It sheds light how the Chinese equipment manufacturing industry is climbing the value ladder. The first waves of exports were dominated by textiles and electronics and took […]

List of 100 Western Songs Must Be Removed By September 15, 2011

Tania Branigan reports about newly banned list of 100 Western songs that are not approved by the Ministry of Culture. All links to these songs must be removed by music websites in China by September 15th, 2011. The reason: because they allegedly have never been submitted for approval. According to Ms Braningan the list is based […]

John Marshall Law School Launches Chinese IP Resource Center in Chicago

A new wind from China has arrived in the windy cityPhoto: Danny Friedmann John Marshall Law School located in Chicago, US, has launched a Chinese Intellectual Property Resource Center, see here. Since 2007 the law school also has a China IP summer programme. Both intellectual property rights and China and its combination can rejoice in an […]

Bright Food Takes Over Manassen Foods: Bright Future for Food Safety?

Many roads, but some are superior in the long runPhoto: Danny Friedmann Many Chinese consumers prefer foreign goods, because they are perceived as safe. Notwithstanding that foreign brands are often victim of being counterfeited. Now there are at least the following options Chinese foods manufacturers can choose from: Option 1. Improve the food safety and […]

Must Read Monday: China Should Change Its Perspective From Engineer To Marketeer

From an engineer’s to a marketeer’s perspective, one bridge too far?Photo: Danny Friedmann Malcolm Moore wrote a great article for The Telegraph about China’s challenges to transform its industries from the world’s manufacturers to the world’s innovators, and how this good be a boon for some British companies. Read here. Mr Moore wrote about the […]

Honey Laundering, Or How Chinese Lead And Indian Antibiotics Become Indian “Honey”

IP Dragon Weekend Edition 蜜蜂 (Mandarin mi4 feng1 Cantonese mat6 fung1)  = honey bee   蜂蜜 (Mandarin feng1 mi4 Cantonese fung1 mat6)  = bee honey  Two time Pulitzer-prize winning reporter for investigative journalism, Andrew Schneider wrote an interesting article about Chinese honey that is imported to the U.S. via India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia (and for some time […]

Trademarks That “Innovate and Beautify Life”: China Trademark Festival, Chengdu

“Dreaming of innovative and beautifying trademarks“Photo: Danny Friedmann                  To avoid confusion:                  – the cat’s name is Puma not IP Kat                  – he has no relation with a German            […]

Rouse: IP China Express 340

” IP in China, dusk or dawn?“Photo: Danny Friedmann In the 340th IP China Express Rouse, the international IP business selected the following news items: – Rubber products manufacturer Freudenberg victorious in a trademark conflict that has been going on since 2002. Finally the Trademark Appeal Board rejected the Chinese firm that wanted to register […]

EU, U.S. Perception: “China Is Discriminating”. What Are We Going To Do Against It?

US: We have so manystars, we deserve to be treated accordingly in China U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is visiting China to try to smooth the Sino-Chinese relations (one can argue that the U.S. is borrowing money from China to import from China) and meet with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping (习近平) who is expected to succeed President Hu Jintao (胡锦涛) in […]

Ernst & Young Report: The Benefits of software IPR protection in China

Unlicensed software should be cleaned upPhoto: Danny Friedmann Not only the Business Software Association writes interesting reports about intellectual property in China in relation to software. Ernst & Young who are in the assurance, tax, transactions and advisory business, just published a report worth reading called:  The Benefits of software IPR protection in China (28 pages […]

Is China Copying Black Hawk Helicopter Technology That Crashed Into Bin Laden’s Backyard?

“Why are you flying above me?””“Keep flying, you are my stealth technology.” Isn’t it the dream of each intelligence service that the state, military and trade secrets literally fly and crash upon your territory? This dream came true for the intelligence services in Pakistan when a US stealth helicopter Black Hawk crashed into the backyard […]

How To Transform The Image of Chinese Brands? Hint … It’s Not Product Placements

Product Placements  Some movies have become a series of commercials with a story line. Thanks to the lucrative business of product placements. Transformers (变形金刚) 3 which opened in cinemas in China on July 21, 2011 shows an abundance of Chinese brands: Yili: Shuhua Milk Meters/bonwe: M-Tee Lenovo: Ideacentre A series TCL (The Creative Life): HDTV range […]

IPO Candidate Tudou Is Building Its Patent Portfolio For Future Growth, Promoting Chinese Creativity

With 90.1 million registered users,  Tudou 土豆, which means potato,  is no small potato.  The site for investors ‘Seeking Alpha’ gives an analysis of the Chinese online video site 土豆网 (for which they use the symbol TUDO) in relation to its competitors, before it is going for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) at NASDAQ Stock Exchange […]

Fry Phone: Fry Your Brain With Phoney Phone (HiPhone5)

By Michiel Tjoe-AwieFake phone Yang Xi reports for about the Chinese copycat of the Apple iPhone5 that hits the market. Of course it can do what the leaked iPhone5 can do, but it is served with a free dessert: fried brains. Fried brains are cheap. The HiPhone5 is sold for a price that ranges […]

Must Read Monday: Kan Zu On The Art Of Patent Enforcement

Medium shifting from Sun Tzu to Kan Zu:patents instead of arms,LED screen instead of bamboo Sun Tzu wrote about the Art of War. Competition between companies is a kind of war, whereby the only potential fatality is the bankruptcy of a company. The offensive and defensive weaponry are patents. Kan Zu, attorney at Unitalen, wrote […]

Tourists Duped By Soviet Union Memorabilia Made in China

Lenin pinmade in USSR ormade in China? “I said export world revolution not revolutionary cheap pins to the world” What happens when a nominal communist state is making communist memorabilia of a former communist state? Yes, the communist memorabilia market run by artisans in the former communist state collides. Exactly what is happening in Russia where Chinese […]

Sober Advice To Stop Counterfeit Wine As Lafite Bubble in China Attracts More Counterfeiters

China counterfeiters produce more “Lafite”  then you can ever find in the  Château Lafite Rothschild cellars in France Photo: Wikipedia about Château Lafite Rothschild  No, Lafite is not a kind of Champagne. It has no bubbles inside. But the market for Lafite could definitely be called a bubble. One can find more “Château Lafite Rothschild” wine bottles […]

Sunday Local Selection: 95.6 mln RMB question, Hebei good/bad/ugly, new BMW product?, Taiwan Straits IP Centre, Nanning achievements, Starve Cancer to Death Medicine

Some local news items of China Intellectual Property 中國知識產權,,,, and China Quality Daily were presented in one article by China Daily about the following locations: Beijing, Hebei, Fujian, Guangxi, Guangdong. The 95.6 million Renminbi questionThe first item is about subsidies given to 600 companies in Beijing’s technology hub Zhongguancun in the last […]

8th Asia-Pacific IP Forum in Hong Kong

Thursday 29 September, the eight Asia-Pacific IP Forum will be held at the Kowloon Shangri-La in Hong Kong. It is a fully packed day organised by Managing Intellectual Property magazine, free for in-house counsels. The following speakers will talk about the following subjects: Chew Kherk Ying, partner, Wong & Partners, Malaysia, Celeste Ang, partner, Baker & McKenzie,Wong […]

Open Letter to the UN Special Rapporteur: Nothing Wrong With Graduated Response

Dear Mr Frank La Rue, With interest I have read your report (May 16, 2011) for the Human Rights Council on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, and the concern you have for the graduated response. I was unpleasantly surprised by the uncritical reception of the document in the media. […]

Free Trade Agreement Between Costa Rica and China

Professor Aurelio López-Tarruella Martinez of the University of Alicante makes us aware via IP Tango that on August 1, 2011, two Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) entered into force: between Peru and Korea and between Costa Rica and China. Let’s focus on the latter.Professor López-Tarruella Martinez writes: “The FTA between Costa Rica and China includes specific provisions on generic […]

Synchronicity in Trademark Applications in China: from a first-to-file to a first-to-use to a divination system

“Let’s not look at the timekeeping equipment, let’s draw lots“ There is a theory of synchronicity of cultural artifacts. For example pyramids being build both in Egypt and in Middle and South America around the same time, or the simultaneous creation of the cartoon figure Dennis the Menace in the US and Dennis the Menace in the UK. As […]

Must Read Monday: Bye Bye Shanzhai, Hello Mainstream Smartphones

Photo: Close EncountersTo Migrate or not. A wildebeest‘s dilemma:“Starvation if I stay, or risk of being eaten by a crocodile if I go“ Shen Jingting wrote an excellent article for China Daily about the epic migration taking place within the Shenzhen mobile phone industry. Shen is distinguishing three phases:  Production of Shanzhai phones and focus on […]

Long Island Professor: “Chinese Counterfeiters Cannot Replicate Services” Yes, They Can

Can people outside Long Islandreally pour a sturdy Long Island Iced Tea? Panos Mourdoukouras, professor of economics of Long Island University, gave some reasons for the existence of counterfeit and knock-off retail outlets in China with which I did not agree, see here. Now he was interviewed by Canada TV (CTV) and I am afraid […]

One Out of Three Seeds in China Infringes Patents

Do you want patented rice with that? Zhou Siyou writes for the China Daily:  “An estimated 8,700 seed companies are operating in the Chinese market, but fewer than 100 have their own intellectual property rights. More than 90 percent of the companies are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)and have lower levels of research and technology. […]

Parlor Game: Identify the Knock-off Handbag, Watch and Gadget

TGIF: Vivian Giang of Business Insider has posted a quiz called: Can You Identify The Knockoff Handbags, Watches And Gadgets? Do the quiz here.

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